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Your brand comes to life with


From conference booths to Comic-Con cosplaying,

the best brand experiences are built by storytellers.


of consumers say brand experiences make them more likely to buy the product.

Every brand has a story to tell. A creative brand experience can bring that story to life.


Brand experiences like event marketing and immersive digital engagements create new worlds and spaces for consumers to explore.

As a storyteller, I create unforgettable fan experiences.

 My Specialties Include: 
Strategic Foundations

Effective brand experiences come from strategy. I implement demo research, brand voice, and brand story into my creative process.

Big Ideas

I think big but stick within budget. A space doesn't need to be massive in order to have outsized impact on brand affinity.

Made for Social

IRL event marketing has to translate into the digital realm. My concepts always incorporate social activation. 


San Diego Comic-Con

Korean-based webcomics publisher Manta Comics made a splash in 2021 with its US market launch at Comic-Con.


This immersive booth concept was inspired by Manta's lead campaign comic series, "Under the Oak Tree." The brand experience was designed to bring new audiences into the story with a walk-through 20' Oak Tree, 360 Photo Booth, Art Gallery, Cosplayers and more.


Anime Expo

To launch its new anime-based game Black Clover, gaming company Garena wanted a brand experience at the largest anime convention in the United States: Anime Expo 2023.

This concept taps into the imaginations of anime readers with a 360 photo booth inside Black Clover castle turret, LED walls with gameplay and branded props.

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Concert Crowd


What are Brand Experiences?

Brand experiences form the heart of what makes event marketing so compelling, inviting consumers to not just see a brand, but to step inside its story.


Experiential marketing like brand experiences are thoughtfully integrated into various customer interactions, from the creativity of a booth at a conference that encourages participation, to the allure of temporary pop-up venues like bespoke restaurants or innovative shopping events.


The aim is simple yet profound: to create a series of moments that stick with the consumer long after they've happened, moments that personify the brand and its values.

Concert Crowd

What are the Benefits of Brand Experiences?

  • Enhanced Engagement: Brand experiences invite active participation, leading to more meaningful and memorable engagement with the audience.

  • Increased Brand Loyalty: Immersive experiences foster an emotional connection, encouraging consumers to form a lasting bond with the brand.

  • Greater Brand Differentiation: By providing unique experiences, brands can distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Attendees of brand experiences often share their positive interactions, providing organic and powerful referrals.

  • Richer Data Collection: Interactive experiences provide brands with valuable consumer insights through their behavior and feedback.

  • Content Generation: Events and experiences provide a wealth of content for brands to use across various marketing channels.

  • Heightened Brand Awareness: Brand experiences often generate buzz, enhancing visibility and awareness among potential new customers.

  • Direct Consumer Feedback: Engaging directly with consumers during experiences offers immediate feedback for continuous improvement.

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