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Weave story into your

Brand Campaign

I specialize in building narrative brand campaigns

that tell great stories on every platform.


I shape campaign ideas, iterating and clarifying concepts into polished copy for presentations.


I write catchy taglines and build brand voice guardrails for omnichannel touchpoints.


I use narrative thinking and empathy to bring campaign objectives to life. 


I specialize in brand campaign content for social, OOH, email, experiential and more.


Challenge: Develop and launch new CPG brand for struggling national brewery.


Solution: To combat a rapid decline in sales and to hop on the IPA trend, New Belgium Brewing rebranded its Ranger IPA with an edge. As lead copywriter, I developed Voodoo Ranger’s mischievous, irreverent Brand Tone of Voice to match the beer's exciting flavors. I also developed on-package messaging, copy for OOH, launch scripts, product names and managed social media and strategic communications for the first year of the brand.

Result: The Voodoo Ranger brand is the most popular IPA brand in the country. In 2023, New Belgium purchased a new brewing facility exclusively for the brand.



Challenge: Reverse a half-decade trend of declining signups for 2023 race.

Solution: Marathon signups for the storied brand had been in decline for a half-decade. For this three-month campaign, I developed a new, friendly and encouraging Brand Voice and Persona that spoke to the target Gen Z recruits, overhauled SFM website copy, scripted a comprehensive email marketing funnel to build relationships and drive signups, wrote scripts for influencer content and campaign videos, and wrote all social media content throughout the lifecycle of the campaign.

Result: Record-breaking attendance in 2023 with nearly 30,000 runners

Challenge: Introduce Korean webcomics app to U.S.

Solution: Manta set two main goals for their campaign: 1) launch Season 2 of its comic "Under the Oak Tree" and 2) introduce the Manta App to readers in the United States. For the campaign, I developed the tagline "Life is a Fairytale," booth concepts for Comic Con, scripts for an influencer YouTube series "Night In with Manta," a digital Times Square takeover video and a TikTok branded hashtag challenge that went viral.

Result: The two-month campaign drove 750k hits to the app download site from paid ads, a 20% boost in social followers, 450 million TikTok branded hashtag engagements (7 billion impressions) and 10 million impressions from a Times Square digital takeover.


Challenge: Announce IMAX Enhanced on Disney+


Solution: As the lead copywriter for IMAX social media accounts, I worked with strategy and brand teams to develop a comprehensive strategic communications plan for launch that delivered suspense and payoff. That involved scripting out social media posts and pre-planned engagement for Disney stakeholders like the Russo Brothers, tending to community management and captioning assets from both Disney and IMAX.

Result: Massive media coverage and boost in consumer sentiment for IMAX. Campaign video received 14x above average engagements in first 10 hours of posting.

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