When I joined Colorado State University's College of Agricultural Sciences in Fall 2018 as its marketing/communications lead, I new little about the scope of agriculture or how it was presented in a higher-ed context. In order to answer this question, I leveraged my journalism and marketing background to ask questions, discover story potential, and decide how we market 21st-Century Agriculture to key audiences.

That audit resulted in the above deck, a new strategy adopted by the college and shared throughout Colorado State University for other colleges to use as a guide. I chose a purpose-driven strategy to build stories around three key points: 1). How prospective students could embark on exciting and meaningful careers in agriculture; 2). How donors would establish a noble legacy by aiding the college; 3). Why the public would benefit in engaging with the college via useful everyday tips on everything from recipes, to gardening.

As of Spring 2019, the strategy is now guiding all of our social media campaigns, as well as our marketing materials to reach the targeted three audiences.


Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 1.18.46 PM.png

While at CSU, one of my initiatives was to tell the amazing stories of faculty, students and alumni via the university's SOURCE news page. Click the link below to see the range of stories I produced to showcase the college's initiatives.