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Brand Voice
Style Guide

Define your most important brand advocate.


Do you know who is narrating your brand?



of consumers say brand authenticity directly

influences their purchases.

People don’t want to be pitched,

they want to connect.

A brand voice converts in ways regular sales language never will. That's because it's crafted to reflect the values and lifestyle of you and your target consumer.

What is Brand Voice & Brand Tone of Voice?

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Brand Voice

A brand voice is the distinctive persona a brand takes on in its communications.

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Brand Tone of Voice

A brand tone of voice (TOV) is part of a Brand Voice. It's the range of moods or emotions a brand voice expresses.


Your brand voice is recognizable across all customer touch points.


Your brand voice comprises a variety of tones that allow you to engage customers in different situations.


Your unique voice sets your brand apart from competitors. 


Your brand voice gives you tonal depth for impactful storytelling.

Create a Brand Voice Guide 

My method is informed by experience developing and servicing brands on both agency and brand teams. 

I specialize in crafting research-based Brand Voice Guidelines that fit neatly into Brand Guides for internal reference or for quickly onboarding an agency.

Brand Voice Guide Includes:

  • Brand Voice Audit & Recommendations

  • Competitor & Target Demo Research

  • 2-Hour Brand Tone of Voice Workshop

  • Brand Voice Guidelines

    • Audience Demographic Profile

    • Brand Voice - Persona & Tone Attributes

    • Brand Vocabulary

    • Usage Guidelines

    • Social Media Guidelines

    • Community Management Guidelines

    • Crisis Communications Guidelines

    • TOV Prompts for ChatGPT AI 

  • 2 Rounds of Revisions


Professionally Designed
Brand Voice Guide

Actionable Direction

Shareable Reference


Omnichannel usage

Let's Create Your Brand Voice

Brand Voice Audit Package:


Price: $500


Brand Voice Audit &

Recommendations Package:

Price: $750


Brand Voice Guidelines Package:

Price: $2,000


Thanks for submitting!

Some of my handiwork.


Voodoo Ranger IPA

The cool, mischievous brand voice for the 2017 launch of New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger IPAs, including the brand mascot Voodoo Ranger.


In 2023, it became the most popular IPA brand in the US


San Francisco Marathon

An inviting, encouraging brand personality and accompanying tone of voice for the storied marathon in support of its 2023 campaign, resulting in record-breaking attendance.

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 8.18_edited.jpg


A community-minded brand tone of voice for the launch of this hub for blockchain-based gaming innovation and multiplayer experiences.

Brands I've serviced.



What is

Brand Voice?

Brand tone of voice refers to the consistent style and attitude of communication that a brand uses across its channels and consumer interactions. It can be expressed in an Instagram caption or a Press Release. Brand tone of voice serves as a unique expression of the brand’s personality, values and way of engaging with its audience, helping to create a recognizable and relatable identity.

But here's the catch...brand voice can modulate using established Brand Tones of Voice.

What Does
Brand Voice Do?

Did you know brands that commit to consistent branding see a 33% increase in revenue? Brand tone of voice is crucial because it creates a consistent and recognizable identity, enabling a brand to build trust and establish a strong emotional connection with its audience.


It differentiates a brand in our oversaturated digital market, ensuring that communications not only reflect the brand’s values and personality but also resonate deeply with the target audience, creating a lasting impression.


Famous Brand Voices


Innovative: Consistently emphasizes its role in innovation.


Simple: Communicates clearly and concisely, reflecting product design philosophy.


Premium: Tonally sophisticated and aspirational.



Inspirational: Encourages you to “Just Do It.”

Empowering: Motivates everyone to be their best through sports or personal achievement.

Bold: Tonally confident and assertive, mirroring its brand ethos.



Friendly: Always warm and welcoming, reflecting its community-based model.

Inclusive: Emphasizes bringing people together from all walks of life.

Adventurous: Encourages exploration and new experiences.


Conversational: Uses a casual, chatty tone to feel accessible and user-friendly.

Helpful: Focuses on assisting users.

Witty: Playfulness creates an enjoyable user experience.



Futuristic: Emphasizes innovation.

Visionary: Wants to revolutionize transportation and energy.

Confident: Asserts its role as a leader and pioneer.

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